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【LOL下注,官网首页】英格兰VS比利时前瞻:凯恩或伤缺 三狮能否报世界杯两箭之仇?

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At 0:00 on October 12th, Beijing time, the third round of the European League A Group B, England played against Belgium at home, the world's 4th challenged the world's No. 1. The Three Lions wanted to take revenge at home and achieve 7 consecutive games for the first time in team history. Zero cover, captain Kane may be absent due to injury, can Lewin continue to carry the burden of scoring?


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The two teams have faced each other 23 times in history. England has 15 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, occupying a clear advantage. However, in the last two encounters, the Three Lions lost all. They were the two matches in the 2018 World Cup. They competed in the group stage and the third place. In the battle, the two teams faced off twice, and England lost 0-1 and 0-2 respectively.




In the warm-up match 3 days ago, the England team played on the bench with Calvert Lewin, Cody and Ince's goals, beating Wales 3-0.




In the warm-up match with C?te d’Ivoire 3 days ago, the Belgian team also came out in a rotation. With Bashuayi’s goal, they drew 1-1 with their opponents.






·Tianwang Mountain duel! 4th in the world challenged 1st in the world


This is the first match of the UEFA Europa League A Group B. The two teams have remained unbeaten in the first two games. In the German transfer market of the UEFA Europa League teams, the England team topped the list with 1.16 billion pounds. The Belgian team ranked fourth with 69338 million pounds.


But in the FIFA men's football standings, Belgium ranks first, leading by 109 points ahead of England, which is temporarily fourth.


·The Revenge of the Three Lions, can 7 consecutive zero seals?


After two consecutive defeats to the Belgian team in the 2018 World Cup, the Three Lions must strive for points in this campaign, otherwise Belgium will become the fourth team in history to defeat the England team in three consecutive official games. The previous three were respectively Scotland, Italy and Brazil.


The England team has achieved zero seals in the last six games. If the Belgian team can not allow the Belgian team to score this game, they will create the longest consecutive non-lost goal record in team history.


·Kane may be out, Toffee Frontier breaks again?


Due to injuries in training, the team leader of the Three Lions may not be able to play the strongest opponent in this group, and Everton striker Lewin may continue to serve as the starter. In the match against Wales 3 days ago, Lewin made his national team debut and scored a goal. The Everton striker became the 188th player to score in the England team's history and the first since Pickering in 1964. Everton players.


Lewin is currently tied with Sun Xingmin for the top scorer list in the Premier League with 6 goals. He scored in the first 4 rounds and staged a hat-trick against West Brom. Can he make new achievements for the Three Lions this game?

莱文目前与孙兴民并列6个进球,成为英超联赛最佳射手榜。他在前四轮比赛中得分,并向西布朗(West Brom)进行了帽子戏法。他能否在本场比赛中为三只狮子取得新成就?



Both Hazard and Courtois were absent due to injuries. Manchester City King De Bruyne will continue to play the absolute core role of the team. His midfield transportation and scheduling are crucial, although the Premier League only had one goal in the first three rounds. And 1 assist scored, but he scored twice in his only UEFA Europa League game (against Iceland) in 80 minutes.

由于受伤,哈扎德和科图瓦斯都缺席了。曼彻斯特城国王德布鲁因将继续发挥球队的绝对核心作用。尽管英超联赛在前三轮中只有一个进球,但他的中场运输和调度至关重要。 1助攻得分,但他在80分钟内唯一的一场UEFA欧罗巴联赛比赛中(对冰岛)得分两次。

In this campaign, he will face him head-to-head with Liverpool captain Henderson. Can the recently comeback Henry team up with Rice to cut off the strongest line of the European Red Devils?


Southgate (head coach of England team)


Only Chilwell, he will be tested today, and we have to wait until tomorrow’s result before we can make a decision.


Martinez (Belgian team coach)


England (343)


Belgium (3421)


No one commented, but quiet


Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in two worlds in single game

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Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents ultra-long elevator ball


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Inter Milan continues to lead in victory, Milan is swept by 5 goals


Value-added telecommunications business license Beijing B2-20181094


网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

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